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Located in Darien IL, the Darien Youth club serves young athletes from all of DuPage County. As well, DYC is a 100% VOLUNTEER ran club!

Darien Youth Club formed in 1960

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Changes For 2018 Baseball

The DYC Executive Board has been faced with a difficult decision this off-season. Pony baseball has changed its age requirements.  They have brought their age requirements in line with Little League baseball and grade levels in schools. With this, DYC has chosen to follow these new age requirements as well. While this has not been an easy decision, it is one that we believe we need to make to stay competitive.

The date for determining player eligibility had been moved from April 30th to August 31st.   

Below is PONY Baseball League Age key as well as DYC's.

Also,  another of the most significant changes that will be in place for next year is the new safety standard for bats.  In 2018 for all age divisions Pinto and older, all players must use bats stamped with USA Bat.  These bats were designed to behave more like a wood bat and they eliminate the extra "pop' that bats have had in recent years.  This change is being implemented by DYC as well as other towns for player safety. To be clear, no bats that were used in 2017 will be legal for use next year as the USA Bats only came to the market this fall. The full statement regarding the new rule can be found here

If you have any questions in regards to this please do not hesitate to contact us at:
[email protected] or [email protected]

Thank You,
DYC Executive Board


The DYC Baseball program is designed to be fun for kids and families; a great learning experience and the opportunity for all ballplayers to enjoy the excitement and competition the sport has to offer. 

Younger leagues are umpired by young adults (aged 12+) and older leagues are umpired by teenagers and adults. Parents and Coaches must treat our umpires with absolute respect at all times. 

Season Timing: 

  • Late April to early May and season finishes before the Fourth of July. T-ball begins early May.   
  • Generally, 2 games per week- 1 Saturday (games any time between 8am to 5pm) and 1 during the week (6pm start typical). Practice times are similar to games, beginning 2 weeks prior to season with some week day practices as time/schedule allows.


  • 8 and under:  Home games/practices in Darien at Westwood park, Mark Delay School or Darien Community Park
  • 9-10 year olds: Home games/practices in Darien at Lace School or Cass School. Occasional away games likely in Westmont
  • 11-16 yr olds:  Home games/practice at Eisenhower Jr High or Cass School. Away games at Woodridge, Lisle and Bolingbrook

If by chance you have any issues, questions or concerns about your child’s baseball experience during the season– please reach out the Commissioner or Director right away! We will always work hard to solve issues but we need to be made aware of them as soon as possible.

How are Teams Formed? 
Our goal is to teach kids sportsmanship, how to play baseball, improve their skills and have fun doing it. Every age group team begins with two players, the son/daughter of the Manager & Assistant Coach. The remaining 10 spots are then filled in by two different ways based on the kids age level with the goal of balanced, competitive teams.

  • For T-ball we create teams by grouping children by school affililations, parent/friend requests and somewhat randomly. Great way to meet new families! This is a co-ed league.
  • For Pinto 7 & 8 we work to divide the kids up by using the previous years Coach’s Evaluations. At the end of each season, coaches fill out a form that identifies what each player does well and what they need to work on. These evaluations are then used to evenly divide out the players on each team.
  • At the older levels, Mustang-Bronco-Pony & Colt the Coach’s Evaluations are still used and the players attend a pre-season work-out which is observed by the league coaches. The coaches then pick players in a draft based on this information to divide up the teams. Draft order is determined by the ratings of the coach’s sons/daughters, i.e. teams with higher rated coach’s kids draft later to balance out the teams.  

In a perfect season all of the DYC teams will play 500 baseball against each other and at the higher levels win all of the games against other towns. Hey, if it’s us vs. another town- we can all agree to root for DYC!  

Questions?  Contact Baseball Commissioner Rob Spang at [email protected]


There is a lot of information to communicate.  I will have everything put on the website and updated as need be. It will be organized as such:

1).  Registration Information
2).  Baseball Evaluations
3).  Season Overview
4).  State of DYC Address
5).  FAQ's

1). Registration Information

First, our registration numbers update:

                         2017        3/1/2018     3/4/2018

T-Ball                131              57               60

Pinto 7                54              41               46

Pinto 8                61              38               40

Mustang (9-10)   80              55               62

Bronco (11-12)   39              40                43

Pony (13-14)      0                11                12

Total                   365            242            263

As you can see, we bumped up about 9% over the weekend, which is good, but still a ways to go to reach/surpass last years numbers.

Registration is OPEN through Wednesday, March 7th. 

What does this mean?  If you want your son or daughter to play baseball, sign up on or before March 7th and you will have a guaranteed spot on a team (Pony exception- see below).  I want EVERYONE to sign up on or before MARCH 7th so we can figure out how many teams we should have.

If you wait to register until AFTER March 7th, you will not be guaranteed a spot on a team.  If there is room on a team, you may register but will pay a LATE FEE.

Late Fees:
March 8 - March 11 and your child participates in the evaluations (Mustang and Bronco only) - $20 (~4 baseballs)
                   After March 11 - $50 (~dozen baseballs)

If money or timing is a problem, talk to us!  We can offer a payment plan and have scholarship opportunities for those who need them as well.  

2).  Evaluations (Mustang and Bronco only)

In order to make fair teams at the Mustang level and above, we evaluate the players' baseball skills and abilities.  This is mandatory.  It's also fun for the players.  The dates and times are:

Bronco (11-12):  Saturday, March 10     7p.m. - 9:15p.m.   Sign in at 6:45p.m. at the Hinsdale South Field House

Mustang (9-10):   Sunday, March 11      12p.m - 2p.m.   Sign in at 11:45a.m. at the Hinsdale South Field House

I apologize
for the late notice.  This had been decided a while ago and it slipped my mind that it had not been communicated out to all of you.  Please make every effort to get your player to his/her time slot.  If this is not possible, bring your player to the other evaluation time, ie. if you can't make Saturday, come Sunday and vise-versa.  The evaluations will be essentially the same, but the Bronco baseball tends to be bigger/stronger/faster etc.  Anyway your player will enjoy it more with friends their own age.  For evaluations, bring a glove, bat and helmet if you have them.  Wear gym shoes, long pants, and an athletic cup!

3).  Season Overview

Bronco and Pony
teams play in a league (Greater DuPage Pony Baseball Association- G.D.P.B.A.) with teams from DYC and also neighboring towns.  We are looking to start the season April 19 and have playoffs conclude June 23.  I am going to a meeting of the G.D.P.B.A. on March 7 to finalize plans.  All-Star game tentatively scheduled for June 30.  Teams will be selected in March and your coach will contact you with practice information.

Mustang teams play mostly other DYC teams, with some Saturday games against neighboring towns.  We are looking to start the season April 21 and have playoffs conclude June 23.  All-Star game tentatively scheduled for June 30.  Teams will be selected in March and your coach will contact you with practice information.

Pinto 6/7
and Pinto 8 teams are assigned primarily by school affiliation so the kids usually know some players on their team already.  We are looking to start the season April 21 and conclude June 23.  All-Star game tentatively scheduled for June 30.  Teams will be selected in March and your coach will contact you with practice information.

T-Ball 4/5/6
is going to be substantially different this year.  We are going to keep the same friendly and fun atmosphere, while incorporating more emphasis on developing good fundamental baseball skills.  Teams will be selected in March and we are looking to start the season April 28.  Your coach will contact you with practice information.

4). The State of the DYC Event

You are invited to the State of the DYC Event at Eisenhower Jr. High on Wednesday, March 7 at 7p.m.  It is a great opportunity to learn more about the DYC, its mission, and the people involved.  We are a volunteer-based organization and many hands make light work.  We want to hear from you!

5). FAQ's

I am having trouble understanding your baseball age chart.  How does it work?  The "baseball age" of your child is determined by how old he/she will be on August 31, 2018.

Can my child "play down" a level in age?  

On August 31, 2018 my child will be 6 years old.  Can he play Pinto 7 (Coach Pitch)?  Yes.  We are giving parents the option of T-Ball or Pinto 7 for 6 y.o., whatever they think is more suitable.  This is no longer even considered "playing up".

Can my child "play up" a level in age?  We consider rare exceptions on a case by case basis.  It is almost always best (and most fun!) for kids to play with and against their friends and other kids their age.  Sometimes, with siblings a year apart, we make an exception to keep them together for the convenience of the family.  With young kids, a 5 y.o. who has learned to catch and throw may be a "better player" than a lot of 8 y.o. who are still learning.  However, in a few years when the little guy is 8 or 9, he may not be so eager to compete with 11 and 12 year olds, when the difference in size and chances of getting hurt are much larger.

What bat should my kid use?  For T-Ball, anything they can swing well is fine.  For Pinto and above, the bat needs to have a USA Baseball stamp on it (new this year) or be made from wood.  If you're going to get a new bat, I recommend trying a few different sizes at practice first and asking your coach which one is the best size.  There are a lot of nice 28", 29", 30" youth wood bats for $20-$30.  Wood is good!  That's my opinion, metal bats are just fine.  Just remember, when it comes to hitting, practice and an appropriately sized bat is more important than the price of the bat.

Any other questions, comments, please let me know!


Rob Spang

[email protected]

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