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Calling All Volunteers 

Current Rules of Play
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About the Program
We understand your family has many options to choose from when it comes to playing sports. DYC has been providing wholesome activities and entertainment to the residents of Darien and surrounding communities since 1960. DYC is committed to providing an instructional/intramural environment where everyone plays! The softball league is run entirely by volunteers from the commissioner to the managers/coaches and provides girls, ages 5 - 14 of all abilities, an opportunity to learn and enjoy this exciting and rewarding sport. In addition to learning the game, kids will also learn how to be part of a team, communicate and problem solve with their peers, learn respect for their teammates, coaches, opponents and umpires, and begin to build leadership skills. Softball, like many sports, gives kids an opportunity to make new friendships which may last a lifetime! 

Calling All Volunteers
DYC is an organization run by parent volunteers with many of its members involved for over ten years. Volunteers are what has kept DYC operating and providing quality sports to kids for over 55 years. You can get involved by managing or coaching a team, bringing your ideas to the monthly board meetings, joining one of the vacant board positions, or volunteering to help with project such as painting, planting bushes, laying sod, pulling weeds, and the list goes on and on and on. Your donation of time not only goes to support the club your family belongs to, it will also go to keep your fees as low as possible. If you are interested in donating your time, please reach out to Steve Crumpler at 331-251-3080. 

Fundamentals Ages 5 & 6 (NEW IN 2018)
Minors 8U
Ages 7 & 8 (No Arc / Coach Pitch)
Majors 10U Ages  9 &10 (Fast Pitch) 
Juniors 12U Ages 11 &12 (Fast Pitch)
Seniors 14U Ages 13 &14 (Fast Pitch)

Age eligibility is based on the child's age on January 1st of current season
All leagues, except Fundamentals, travel to play away games at surrounding towns

Current Rules of Play
Minors 8U Rule Book
Majors 10U Rule Book
Juniors 12U Rule Book
Seniors 14U Coming Soon


  • Leagues are umpired by trained “patched” umpires, with the exception of Fundamentals and 8U which do not utilize umpires 

While Engaging in Softball Practices and Games:

  • ALL managers, coaches, players, umpires, and parents shall treat each other with dignity and respect during all practices and games; misconduct may result in displinary action
  •  KIDS are playing the game
  •  Managers and Coaches are VOLUNTEERS
  •  Umpires are HUMAN
  •  Your child will NOT be scouted by a college or major league team during a DYC game or practice

Season TImeline
2018 Winter Workouts (8U Minors and Above)
Registration Opens on 12/1/17
Workouts are Saturday nights from 7:00p.m. - 9:00p.m.
First workout is on 1/13/18 
Open to current DYC members only!**

2018 Regular Season
Registration Opens on 1/1/18

Field Locations
Coming Soon

Formation of Teams
The DYC softball league is instructional/intramural at it's core and the goal is to create balanced teams to ensure enjoyment of the game for all players. We also understand that some managers like to form their own teams. In an effort to strike a balance, in 2018 managers can form a team of 6 players, in which that total will include their own daughter(s), while picking remaining players from the draft.

  • Fundamentals of Softball: These teams are mostly selected randomly which gives kids an opportunity to meet kids from other schools. Requests to play on a certain team will be considered but cannot be guaranteed. Please note such requests on the registration form.
  • All other Levels: Players attend a pre-season work-out where the players are evalutated and observed by the league commissioner, directors, and coaches.The teams are then chosen by the team manager/coaches in a draft fashion. 

Commissioner and Directors:
It is the responsibility of the Commissioner and Directors to effectively lead and manage the softball program. If you have questions, concerns, comments or suggestions, please reachout to the below contacts as we welcome your feedback.

Steve Crumpler
Commissioner of Softball
Phone: 331-251-3080

Steve Crumpler
Director of Softball Fundamentals
Phone: 331-251-3080

Steve Crumpler
Director of Minors 8U Softball
Phone: 331-251-3080

Steve Crumpler
Director of Majors 10U Softball
Phone: 331-251-3080

Steve Crumpler
Director of Juniors 12U Softball
Phone: 331-251-3080

Steve Crumpler
Director of Seniors 14U Softball
Phone: 331-251-3080

Contact Us

Darien Youth Club (DYC)

1702 Plainfield Road 
Darien, Illinois 60561

Email Us:
Phone : 630-205-0202
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